Kousuke Shiba
Kousuke wiki
Crunchy things
Race Corgi
Class Samurai
Level 1
Character sheet Here
Fluffy things
First appearance 10/31/2012

Kousuke, a samurai serving Lord Common, was first introduced after Bonabelle Fuzzmuffin III was knocked out by a lucky crit from a skeleton, at which point the unconscious bard dreamed that he was Kousuke. Kousuke followed the spirit of his father through the dungeon and stumbled upon Bonabelle's unconscious body. He healed the unconscious bard and struck an alliance with him. They later met Baroness Puffington von Berrywing, Huo Quan Shan Gou, and Privious de la Cage'd, who also joined their party.

Kousuke was named by Wessolf27.