Huo Quan Shan Gou
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Crunchy things
Race Corgi
Class Monk
Level 1
Character sheet Here
Fluffy things
First appearance 11/9/2012

Huo Quan Shan Gou (more concisely referred to as Shan) is a monk who entered the dungeon seeking enlightenment by way of punching things to death. He was introduced when a sleeping gas trap knocked out Bonabelle and Kousuke. Upon his introduction, he met the Ghost?, who he followed for a while until he discovered something so mindbogglingly amazing that it could not be shared with the readers. He was later discovered with a Mysterious Rune on his head, at which point he fought Bonabelle, Kousuke, and Baroness Puffington von Berrywing. After being defeated, he joined their party. Privious de la Cage'd later joined the party as well.

Shan was named by Kaynato.