Bonabelle Fuzzmuffin III
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Crunchy things
Race Corgi
Class Bard
Level 1
Character sheet Here
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First appearance Page 1

Bonabelle Fuzzmuffin III was the first character to appear in Corgi Quest. He is a Corgi Bard questing for a mystical artifact known as the encorgidion. He wields a rapier and is surprisingly effectual in combat. His known allies include a goblin he managed to befriend (who was later slain). He has been defeated in battle once, but was rescued by Kousuke Shiba. The two quickly became friends and allies. They later met Baroness Puffington von Berrywing, Huo Quan Shan Gou, and Privious de la Cage'd, who also joined their party.

Bonabelle was named by neuroticDeveloper.